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Shayne De Groot

Artist, Writer

Shayne de Groot has been breaking stereotypes since the day she was born.

“The day I answer to my name at a chemist, doctors’ surgery, take-away food place, boutique coffee shop or at a pub raffle and don’t have to explain that, ‘Yes, I am a girl named Shayne’ and, ‘no you don’t have the wrong person’ to a strange lady at Coles, and ‘Yes … It is unheard of isn’t it?’, will be the day the world can breathe easy because some kind of change has begun.”

Shayne is a theatre school graduate and is currently undertaking a bachelor degree in creative writing. This year she has been kicking goals and ticking off her bucket list with her appearance on ABC’s Play School in July.

Shayne has recently performed in the New Theatre’s Grapes Of Wrath and Cats Talk Back.

(Misery’s) Feats of The Little Known
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ArchivedErskineville Town Hall, Sydney 17 - 21 Sep 2019

(Misery’s) Feats of The Little Known

Shayne De Groot explores queerness in a new show inspired by Buffon clowning and her favourite animations.

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