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Nithya Nagarajan

Artist, Writer

Nithya Nagarajan is an artist and curator living and working on Gadigal lands whose practice adopts movement as a system of inquiry into the sacred, the sensual and the decolonial.

Her performance work affects sensory perceptions of the witness through a collaborative process of meaning making, underpinned by a strong feminist sensibility.

With a foundational training in Bharatanatyam, Nithya is interested in an expanded understanding of movement and is wary of the conceptual complicity of discipline often inviting her audiences to be co-performers.

In her curatorial work, Nithya collaborates with artist-activists from the subcontinent to present body based interventions in contemporary contexts. Within the context of the institution, Nithya works toward inclusive frameworks that combat cultural erasure.

She holds an award winning PhD in Performance Studies.

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ArchivedRiverside Theatres, Parramatta, Sydney 18 - 20 Feb 2021


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