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Madeleine Withington

Artist, Writer

Madeleine Withington is a Sydney actor whose parents have been trying to talk her out of the industry since she was 11 years-old.

Despite these good intentions, she graduated from the Actor’s Centre Australia in 2014 and since then has been working as an actor on a range of projects, from short films to plays to television.

Her career highlights include appearing on Home and Away, voicing part of and appearing in the short film We Will to support the campaign for marriage equality and messing about in the wilderness to create the short film Guerilla Bay.

Her parents have accepted this with good grace and have come to realise it’s genetic and probably all their fault.

She also does some voice stuff, which you can hear more of here.

Wil & Grace: The Antidote to Fear
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TheatreFringe HQ, Newtown, Sydney 24 Nov - 4 Dec 2021

Wil & Grace: The Antidote to Fear

In her new play, Madeleine Withington asks what might happen if, when met with a demanding situation, you could not look it in the eye.

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