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M. Saint Clair

Artist, Writer

M. Saint Clair is a Sydney-based writer, dramaturg, producer and stage manager.

She has worked on various shows in Sydney in production and creative roles, including most recently Chorus (The Old Fitz), Wake in Fright and Way of the World (NIDA Theatres), and last year she presented her debut play, Everyone I’ve Ever Loved or Slept with or Both (Blood Moon Theatre).

Later in 2019 she will be production and stage managing two more Bontom shows at The Old 505, as well as working on Sarah Hadley and Ang Collins’s adaptation of Safe as assistant director. She is dedicated to new Australian work, with a strong focus on queer, feminist stories and interdisciplinary storytelling.

Storytelling with Dungeons and Dragons
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ArchivedHilarium Club Sydney, Kings Cross Hotel, Sydney 27 - 29 Sep 2019

Storytelling with Dungeons and Dragons

The creative freedom of D&D can take you to places you've never imagined, writes M. Saint Clair.

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