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Julia Patey

Artist, Writer

Julia (Jules) Patey is a theatre-maker, a horoscope psychic and a light-up-shoe enthusiast.

Julia has been in the arts since she won her Year 1 Talent Quest with a movement piece to ABBA’s Dancing Queen. And she’s been a leader since she realised that not everyone likes public speaking. As a theatre-maker, Julia has worked as a director, playwright and performer of new work for the stage.  In the last three years she’s developed and supported the creation of 10 new Australian plays. 
Currently, Julia runs a theatre company with her thirteen-year-old collaborator and friend, Scarlett. Their company, we make theatre, makes bold, irreverent and high-joy theatrical experiences for audiences of all ages.

For ATYP, her work includes Moonchild (Playwright/Performer), A Town Named War Boy (Assistant Director)The Voices Project: Between Us(Playwright)and Spur of the Moment (Directing Secondment). She was also a 2014 National Studio participant and a 2015 Fresh Ink Playwriting Mentee. She is the Rose Byrne Scholarship Recipient at ATYP.

Julia and her light-up-shoes will spend 2017 at ATYP as a Future-Artistic-Director-In-Training, investigating female artistic leadership in Australia and internationally.  She is proud to be the first Horoscope Psychic on staff in the company’s long history.

“If the future is as white and male as the past, we have failed”
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ArchivedAustralian Theatre For Young People 23 - 23 Nov 2018

“If the future is as white and male as the past, we have failed”

Julia Patey has a vision for the theatre of the future in Australia. She lays it out here.