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Guru Dudu

Artist, Writer

Guru Dudu is a lovable funny man who opens our “laughter meridians” through accessing the inner-child, particularly in group settings. He’s passionate about giving people permission to play and celebrate their creative and quirky selves.

As well running his unique Happy Yoga and Silent Disco Walking Tours, Guru Dudu also MC’s events, performs on-stage as a warm-up act, and runs other hilarious workshops such as “Cosmic Speed Dating.”

Guru Dudu first performed “Happy Yoga” at the 2008 Melbourne International Comedy Festival after discovering the hidden location of the main laughter meridian – in the ‘assana’ region of body. In 2013 he launched “Silent Disco Walking Tours” combining his passions for theatre improv, placemaking and engagement.

Guru Dudu is the creation of David Naylor – a Melbourne-based Performer, Facilitator and Place Making consultant. He also facilitates team building and leadership work in organisations.

Guru Dudu’s Silent Disco Walking Tours
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ArchivedBondi Festival Backyard, Bondi, Sydney 26 Jun - 4 Jul 2021

Guru Dudu’s Silent Disco Walking Tours

Group bonding, hard exercise and disco exhibitionism? It's time for the Guru.

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