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Daley King

Artist, Writer

Daley explores the outer limits of performance through personal experiences with mental and neurodevelopmental disorder.

He believes that unpredictable and uncomfortable art is generated in a celebration of chaos.

Daley creates politically-charged works exploring the fringes of society, and the furthest corners of humanity. These include the grief-stricken Lego fable Death Stole My Dad, a manic solo puppet show I’m Not Alright, the environmental underwater satire TANK, and the thought-provoking artistic introspection Hold Your Breath (Count To Ten).

Brutally honest in his observations of the world, he fuels his writing and art with the darkest of humour and has been described as “rewriting the rule book”.

Diving in the Deep End
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ArchivedBondi Pavilion, Bondi Beach, Sydney 18 - 20 Jul 2019

Diving in the Deep End

Daley King challenges art-making stereotypes with a show asking all of us to pause for thought.

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