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Curly Fernandez

Artist, Writer

Curly (Curtis) Fernandez is the leader of Team Fernandez, a company that contracts for Australian Theatre for Young People, Sydney Opera House, (including the Reconciliation Action Plan working group), The Department of Education, The Aboriginal Education and Engagement Team, The Humour Foundation; as a Clown Doctor, Poetry In Action, The Arts Unit, Bell Shakespeare, Newtown Performing Arts High school, and artistically leads the Leftovers Collective.

​The work is primarily with young people, concerned with freeing their creative thinking and empowering them to confidently penetrate the world, regardless of societal norms and views.

Team Fernandez encourages each young person’s liberation through confidence, with their own unique signature. The projects cross visual art, literacy, leadership and performance simultaneously.

Company programs are social, with outreach to young people in disadvantaged communities. It also manages Indigenous youth vocational programs, including a language art program in the Northern Territory.

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ArchivedSurry Hills Library, Surry Hills, Sydney 27 - 27 Sep 2018


Are we sophisticated enough to understand story without viewing it through the lens of gender? Curly Fernandez believes it's time to find out.