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Charles Wu

Artist, Writer

Charles Wu is an actor, writer and musician.

After graduating from NIDA he has appeared in Samson, Jasper Jones, Enemy of the People (Belvoir), Mosquitoes, Chimerica, Three Sisters and The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui (STC) and Torch the Place (MTC). He has starred in Secret City, Doctor Doctor, Here Come The Habibs, Harrow and the film Australia Day.

As a musician Charles works under the moniker ‘Earthquake Magnificent’, an electroacoustic project blending Asian pop, folk, noise and hip-hop influences and is signed to Lazy Thinking Records. He is co-founder of the Corinthian Food Store Collective.

From lockdown to Liberty Street
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ArchivedScreening 20 Aug - 19 Sep 2020

From lockdown to Liberty Street

A new web series looks at the world of the Covid-19 era with fresh eyes, writes actor and composer Charles Wu.

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