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Welcome to Audrey Journal, a new online magazine for performing arts audiences in Sydney and beyond.

Audrey is founded by two arts journalists and draws on the talents of professional writers and photographers who specialise in covering theatre, performance, dance, opera and music.

Audrey is for audiences. We want to bring artists and audiences closer together.

We hope to inform, inspire and guide.

We want to do more than take a deep dive into the performing arts through journalism. We also want to find out what arts journalism can do, how it can change and who it can reach.

Audrey is made with the support of philanthropy and the support of the major performing arts companies and venues in Sydney and New South Wales.

A few things to bear in mind:

Audrey is independent

Every story, photograph, review and listing has been selected, written and produced with full editorial independence. Audrey’s reviews are written without fear or favour.

Audrey is diversity conscious

We want to reflect the community we live in. That’s why we are committed to using a wider range of voices. We want to find writers and artists with different perspectives or who haven’t been heard before. We aim to show the depth of performing arts culture as well as its breadth.

Roll credits …

Audrey has been brain-stormed with and designed by Paul, Tim, Johanna, Belinda and Danilo at Alphabet Studio, Surry Hills.

Jarrad, Tom and the team at Jala Design built it and told us not to break it.

Audrey lives in cyberspace but has been dreamed up on the land of the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation. We pay our respects to elders past, present and emerging.

Elissa Blake

Elissa Blake


Elissa is a career arts journalist and editor. Elissa began as a cadet reporter at The Age, writing features for Rolling Stone in her spare time. After a brief stint as a classifier at the Office of Film and Literature Classification, Elissa joined Rolling Stone as deputy editor and later, as editor, she took the iconic music magazine to its highest circulation in its 30-year history. Elissa then embarked on a freelance career, become one of the Sydney Morning Herald’s leading freelance arts writers. In late 2017 she co-created a new Sydney-based arts website, Audrey Journal, which now absorbs all of her time. And then some.

Jason Blake

Jason Blake


Jason took a left-turn into arts writing and criticism after completing the VCA and NIDA theatre directing courses. He’s worked as the arts editor of the Sydney City Hub, the editor of a TV guide, and as an arts and entertainment producer for He was the theatre reviewer for Fairfax's Sun-Herald from 2006-09, and the Sydney Morning Herald’s theatre critic from 2009 to late 2017.

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